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Tuck point saw blade suppliers

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Tuck point saw blade suppliers

They are available in solid, double or triple row segments to provide aggressive cutting and grinding action with a minimum of force.

Standard Tuck Point  Blade (KSP)
For mortar and concrete using a standard solid segment, 4", 4.5", 5'' & 7" available , wet or dry,

Segment Height: 7mm (.275")

When placing an order, the following information is required.
1. Diameter and specifications of product. We can custom  manufacture to your specifications.
2. Arbol Holes Size. Pin hole where necessary and CTC between arbor and Pin hole.
3. Material to be cut(GP, natural stone, masonry, concrete, asphalt)
4. Hardness of the material.(hard, medium, or soft)
5. Type of machine. (flat saw, masonry saw, hand-held saws )
6. Wet o dry cutting. Commonly right angle grinders, hand held high speed saws are used dry. Masonry saws, floor saws are generally used wet, however, some applications are used dry.
7. Spindle speed (rpm)
8. Motor power (HP or KW)

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