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Knowledge about circular saw blades

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What is a circular saw? Types and uses of circular saw blades

1. Circular saw blade: It is a general term for thin circular cutters for cutting solid materials. It can be divided into: diamond circular saw blades for stone cutting, high-speed steel circular saw blades for metal material cutting (not rigid Alloy cutter head), used for cutting solid carbide saw blades for solid wood, furniture, wood-based panels, aluminum alloys, aluminum profiles, radiators, plastics, plastic steel, etc.

2. Alloy saw blade: (also called cemented carbide saw blade), which is a kind of toothed steel plate (base) which has been machined and heat treated, and has a carbide knife set on the tooth. The circular saw blade of the head is mounted on the rotating main shaft through the middle hole in the center of the base body, and is clamped by the chuck to perform the rotary cutting work.

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3. Carbide saw blade: It can be divided into portable tools according to the occasion of use - circular saw blade for electric tools, mechanical equipment (table saw, push table saw, precision saw, woodworking machinery, etc.) - professional Type circular saw blades, the precision of professional type is usually higher than that used on power tools. Its price is also high.
Classification of saw blades
Saw blade classification
First, according to different material classification: high-speed steel saw blade (HSS saw blade), solid carbide saw blade, tungsten steel saw blade, insert alloy saw blade, diamond saw blade and so on.

Second, according to the application classification: milling saw blade, machine saw blade, manual saw blade, metal special saw blade (aluminum saw blade, copper saw blade, stainless steel saw blade, etc.), pipe cutting circular saw blade, wood Saw blades, stone saw blades, cutting acrylic saw blades, etc.

Third, the surface coating classification: white steel saw blade (natural color), nitride saw blade (black), titanium-plated saw blade (gold), chromium nitride (color) and so on.

4. Other classifications and salutations: cutting saw blades, cutting saw blades, dicing saw blades, cutting saw blades, integral saw blades, insert saw blades, ultra-thin saw blades.