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dekton cutting blade for sale

Time:2019-05-11 11:26:05Browse:0

Companies adhering to the "customer first, forge ahead" business philosophy, adhere to the "customer supreme" principle to provide our clients with quality services. Welcome patrons!we are provide dekton cutting blade,you can know it.
The fact that the Chinese saw industry has rapidly moved to the world in the past decade is an undisputed fact, the main factors:
1.China has a cheap labor force and a cheap commodity market.
2.China's power tools have developed rapidly in the past decade.
3.For more than 20 years since China opened up, industries such as furniture, aluminum products, building materials, plastics, electronics and other industries have been at the forefront of the world. The industrial revolution has brought us unlimited opportunities. China's saw industry mainly produces and exports foreign households.
The market and power tools are mainly used in the market. This piece of cake Chinese saw blade accounts for more than 80% of the market in the world, and exceeds 20 billion yuan per year. Due to our low quality, foreign merchants have reduced sales and caused sales in the saw industry. The profit is very small.

As there is no industry association to fight for each other, resulting in market price confusion, many companies neglect to strengthen hardware, improve technology and technology, and products are developing in the direction of high-tech. Of course, in recent years, some saw industry awareness is high. People's achievements, foreign brand products companies began to gradually OEM production of these enterprises last year, such as our company in the middle and high-end products can be unique, a certain number of years must be China's considerable quality, brand products and well-known enterprises.

dekton cutting blade