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marble cup wheel

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Detailed description:
1.It is suitable for cutting marble sheets of various hardnesses, and the advantages of cutting hard marble sheets are obvious;
2.Excellent cutting effect, no chipping, no running knife, smooth stone cutting, safe performance and minimal noise;
3.The knife is stable, avoiding the phenomenon that the cutter head is deformed and the cutter head falls off due to the high temperature and spark generated by the rapid friction between the cutter head and the stone;we are provide marble cup wheel,you can know it.
4.High sharpness, cutting medium hardness 3 cm white magnolia model, the feed speed is up to 600mm / s.
Scope of application:
1.It is mainly suitable for cutting 3-4 cm thick medium and high grade marble sheets, such as: Magnolia, Golden Century, etc.;
2.Suitable for hand-push cutting machine and infrared automatic bridge cutting machine with power of 7.5kw and above.
You should know these maintenance tips for marble saw blades!
Due to the characteristics of the marble saw blade, the saw blade often wears a lot, and the carelessness of the saw blade can shorten the service life of the saw blade. Is there any way to extend the service life of the marble saw blade? You should know these daily maintenance tips.
1.If the saw blade is not used for processing, it should be suspended or flattened by the aperture. However, the flat saw blade should not be stacked or footed, so be careful to prevent moisture and rust.
Second, after using the saw blade for a period of time, the sharpness will be worse, and the cutting surface will become rough. It is necessary to repair it in time. The grinding can not change the original angle and can not destroy the dynamic balance.
Third, the inner diameter of the marble saw blade correction, positioning hole processing must be operated by the factory. Because if the processing is poor, it will not only affect the final use effect of the marble saw blade, but also may be dangerous. In principle, the reaming should not exceed the original aperture of 20mm, so as not to affect the balance of stress.

Proper and reasonable use and maintenance of marble saw blades can not only improve processing efficiency, but also extend the life of the saw blade. Remember these maintenance tips and use more efficient and safe marble saw blades.

marble cup wheel