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porcelain cutting blade Manufacturer

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hese blades are significantly narrower in width than other segmented or turbo blades, and they sport a very fine, smooth rim.

Users of these blades range from the do-it-yourselfer to the professional tile and stone installer.

Structural ceramic bricks (Ceramic Brick Cutting Blades), pipes (Ceramic Pipe Cutting Blades), floor and roof tiles (Ceramic Roof Tile Cutting Blades)

Whitewares such as Earthenware (Earthenware Cutting Blades), (Terracotta Cutting Blades),

Stoneware (Stoneware Cutting Blades) and Porcelain (Porcelain Cutting Blades) used in the manufacture of floor and wall tiles (Floor & Wall Tile Cutting Blades)

Firebricks (Refractory Brick) blocks (Firebrick Cutting Blades) used in lining furnaces, kilns, fireboxes, and fireplaces.
porcelain cutting blade
--- Thin section for fast cutting and low waste
--- Wet or dry cutting
--- Suitable for porcelain, limestone, granite, marble & stone

Sizes Available:
D115 x 22.23 x 10mm
D125 x 22.23 x 10mm
porcelain cutting blade
Package Included:

1 x Cutting Blade

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