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Dekton Cutting saw blade

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Dekton Cutting saw blade

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Dekton Cutting saw blade

Dekton Cutting saw blade

Dekton Cutting saw blade

– The blade should be in good condition. The cutting table should be solid and robust. It must be perfectly levelled and flat (the quality can be improved by using a rubber or wood surface to buffer the blade

– Check that the bench surface where the slab is going to placed is in good condition (i.e. that it is not covered in cuts in any one area, which might lead to the material moving).
– If a special machine is available, in which cutting can be carried out while immersed in water, do the work in these conditions, as it can increase the speed, quality as well as the performance of the blade
in general.

The revolutionary Dekton® by Cosentino is an exciting and in high demand product for countertop surfaces, flooring, cladding, facades for both inside and exteriors. Dekton® is a proprietary blend of quartz,
porcelain and glass and this makes the final product heat proof, non-porous, scratch resistant, UV resistant and chemical resistant.
Ultra dense surfaces like Dekton® are very difficult to fabricate and require specialty cutting tools designed especially for this material.
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Dekton Cutting blade

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Item Number
Diameter Segment Height (mm) Segment Width (mm) Arbor(mm)
TC105 4''/105mm 8/10 1.0-1.1 20/22.23
8/10 1.1-1.2 20/22.23
8/10 1.1-1.4 20/22.23
8/10 2.0-3.0 50/60
8/10 2.0-3.0 50/60